This fall, students in Professor Richard Semiatin’s American Politics class have not spent their days sitting in the classroom reading about politics. Instead, they’ve been rocking & rolling their way through DC with trips to the Newseum, rubbing elbows with savvy & successful WSP alums & so much more. These pics are just a small sampling of their legislative adventures.  

#1. Everybody get cozy! The class visits Cynthia Baurley, the current chair of the Federal Election Commission & a former student in the WSP Foreign Policy Program. 

#2. Off to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building! Students got a chance to meet Stephanie Cutter, Deputy Senior Advisor to President Obama & WSP Justice Program alum. 

#3. Lookin’ sharp! Time to meet Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI), a mountain-biking enthusiast & former student in the WSP Foreign Policy Program. 

#4. Wowza! Talk about a scenic view! The WSP crew takes a break from tearing up the Newseum to take advantage of this terrific photo-op. Say cheese!

#5. Did you know that the Eisenhower Executive Office Building is connected to the Whitehouse VIA TUNNEL?! Crazy, right? WSP Students take a moment to strut their stuff in front of the iconic building. 

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